Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions

Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions

When it comes to making money online, there are a few types of affiliate programs that can be found. They include those that pay monthly and those that have recurring commissions. You should take a look at each one to decide which is best for you.


GetResponse is one of the best E-Mail marketing platforms in the world. It provides you with all the tools and services you need for online marketing. You can sign up for a free trial and try out their services for a month.

The company has an affiliate program that gives you a percentage of every sale. You can also promote the program by placing banners on your website or posting links on social media. Depending on your choice, you can earn a recurring commission of up to 33%.

GetResponse offers a wide range of promotional tools, including banners, videos, and webinars. They also have an easy-to-use affiliate dashboard that lets you track your clicks and sales.


Hubstaff is an all-in-one employee management system that allows you to keep track of your employees’ productivity. The software also provides an easy way to schedule meetings and assign tasks.

Its affiliate program offers you a 30% recurring commission on each sale. You can receive your payout through PayPal. There is also a free trial option for you to try out the product and see if it is a good fit for you.

Compared to a one-time commission, a recurring commission can be more valuable. This is because the commission is not capped, and it is not limited to a certain time period. Recurring commissions can be a great source of income for you, and for your clients.


If you’re looking for an easy way to get started with affiliate marketing, Kartra is a great place to start. The program offers a lot of features, from email marketing to video hosting. You can also get help with your affiliate marketing questions via their online support system.

One of the best things about the Kartra program is that it can be used to build your own e-commerce store without needing a team of developers to do it for you. They even have a tutorial center to assist you along the way.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes has a long track record of creating quality WordPress themes. It also offers tools to help people turn their websites into businesses. These include a website builder and an online course creation tool. Thrive Themes has also developed a suite of tools for marketing.

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, but Thrive Themes’s program has a few benefits that make it stand out. For example, Thrive offers a two-year tracking cookie.

Thrive Themes also pays you a percentage of recurring payments. This means that you get a commission each month your referrals pay to the company. When they renew their subscriptions, you get another portion of the commission. You can earn up to 30% of the total payment.


ActiveCampaign offers affiliates a commission structure that can be used to generate some very lucrative recurring income. With an ActiveCampaign affiliate link, you can refer people to their email marketing software, and earn a commission for each sale.

The commission is fixed at 20% for new sign-ups, and increases to 30% as new sign-ups come in. You must sign up and be approved in order to receive commissions, which are paid monthly. In addition, you can use your ActiveCampaign affiliate link to promote the software on social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.


Getting into an affiliate program is an easy way to earn a decent amount of money. Some of the best programs offer recurring commissions and pay out a percentage of your sales every month.

MailerLite offers a free plan that is simple to use and includes a host of features that can help your email marketing campaigns. It also includes a landing page builder and an automated system for sending out emails.

MailerLite’s affiliate program pays out 30% of a subscriber’s sale each month, and the commission is recurring. The company also offers an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to track purchases and payments. You can even put your affiliate link on your website or social media profiles, and promote it as a way to earn income.


The Mangools KWFinder affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to earn from a variety of sites. You can promote the tools and resources of this popular SEO tool and receive a monthly commission.

The program is easy to use. Simply sign up using your email address, upload your logo, and get access to promotional materials. Once approved, you can start promoting the tools on social media and in your website.

Affiliates can earn up to $300 per referral. This is a great program for content creators and marketers. A free trial is also available.


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