Deliveroo Live Chat Jobs

Deliveroo Live Chat Jobs

Deliveroo is looking for people to work as Live Chat agents. This position is responsible for responding to high volume of queries each week. You will be handling a wide variety of questions from consumers, including questions about products, services, and delivery times. You will be able to help customers quickly and efficiently by providing them with the information they need.

Job description for Deliveroo Support

The Deliveroo Live Chat job description for Support involves responding to inbound customer inquiries in a friendly and professional manner. It requires excellent communication skills and excellent product knowledge. The role is also responsible for ensuring that the live chat solutions and services match the client’s goals and needs. The job entails conducting workshops and consulting with clients to understand their requirements. It also requires good management skills and the ability to handle multiple projects and teams.

Job description for Deliveroo’s Restaurant Hub

As part of the Deliveroo team, you’ll be responsible for handling a high volume of queries every week. Using data to optimize operations is key to the company’s success. The job will also involve using technology to collect, analyze, and share data. Deliveroo also relies heavily on data for marketing purposes. The company uses tools such as Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio and Journey Builder to communicate with partners and track live orders. With this information, they can run promotions and track invoices. In addition, they plan to implement Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio and integrate Salesforce with Showpad to simplify sharing of marketing content.

This company’s growth has been driven by technology and its website and mobile applications. As of January 2019, the company has over 100,000 riders and delivers food from 140,000 restaurants and grocery partners to over 800 locations worldwide. Deliveroo has also made it easier to onboard new restaurants with its new digital process, which reduces the number of clicks required to sign up a restaurant. Signing up used to take several days, but by 2021, the company hopes to get restaurants on board in 24 hours or less in core markets.

Restaurants can use the new feature to manage their pipeline and track sales. The company will be able to continuously boost their restaurant pipeline by identifying new prospects who meet quality standards.


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