Exercises to Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Exercises to Unlock Your Hip Flexors

There are several exercises you can do to strengthen and stretch your hip flexors. These exercises range from Yoga to the split squat. You may try one or all of them depending on your needs and goals. Listed below are the best hip flexor stretches:


The best stretches for unlocking your hip flexors don’t require many reps or sets. Try to focus on these exercises for at least 10 minutes a day. While doing them, make sure to keep your core strong by performing crunches and glute bridges. By doing these stretches you’ll be able to increase hip mobility and keep your core strong. You can also perform these stretches to improve your core and posture.


When it comes to your body’s overall health, strengthening your hip flexors is essential. These muscles are responsible for allowing your body to perform at its best. Several different exercises can help you strengthen them. You can also practice piriformis muscle stretch. To do this, sit with your legs extended and bend your right knee. Then, hook your left elbow on the outside of your right knee. While keeping your spine straight, breathe deeply and repeat as many times as you can.


The following are some basic yoga poses that will help you unlock your hip flexors. Begin by balancing your body on all fours. For example, take a downward facing dog pose. Place one leg behind your back, bend the knee, and spin the hips out to the side. The purpose of this pose is to stretch your hip flexors and quadriceps. You can also perform it on a wall with a block underneath your sacrum.

Split squat

One of the most effective split squat exercises to unlock hip flexion is the leg raise. Begin with your feet hip-width apart, knees bent, and your body upright. To execute this exercise, you must use your glute to bring the pelvis forward while keeping your back straight. To complete the exercise, perform a few repetitions of the leg raise on each side.

Iliopsoas muscle

There are various types of hip flexor exercises. Some of them are effective for repairing damage and tightness, while others are useless. Whatever the reason, Unlock Your Hip Flexors will give you the knowledge you need to heal your hip flexors and achieve better health. There are different types of exercises for different muscles, including the psoas. The program also offers exercises for reducing inflammation and powering up your energy.


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