Live Chat Customer Service Jobs

Live Chat Customer Service Jobs

The best Live Chat Customer Service Jobs require an individual to have a solid computer knowledge. They must be quick with typing and have excellent multitasking skills. Successful agents must also have a good sense of timing and a sense of how to assess the situation. They should also be adept at using templates and shortcuts. Additionally, they should be organized and keep their resources organized.

Work-from-home opportunities

If you’re looking for a work-from-home job, consider working in the customer support industry. As a live chat customer support agent, you’ll answer questions from customers through a chat interface. Most questions are related to the purchasing process and shipping and return policies. The position typically requires 10 hours per week of work.

While many online chat customer support jobs require a professional, quiet work environment, others don’t. Before applying for a position, read the job description carefully and ask questions about the company’s working environment. Many companies in all industries need customer support representatives. This type of work can be part or full-time. It’s also less stressful than traditional phone support jobs.

Depending on your skills and experience, you can choose to work in an office, in your home, or at a remote location. Some companies provide training and support to their remote employees. Some companies hire people who have experience in customer service, technical support, and sales.


The salary range for live chat customer service jobs can vary greatly. Some companies pay sales agents an hourly rate of $10, while others pay less but offer commissions. Non-sales customer support agents often earn a flat wage but can receive raises when their metrics are stellar. Some companies hire US-based freelancers only, while others welcome international employees. The most important qualification for most of these companies is the ability to type and speak English fluently.

Salary for live chat customer service jobs can vary widely by location, but the average is around $31,500 annually. While the average salary for this position is slightly above the national average, there are five cities that pay significantly higher than the national average. One of these cities is Santa Rosa, CA, which is known for having one of the highest percentages of live chat customer service jobs.

Other great options include sites such as Concentrix, which provide training and equipment packages and pay competitive rates. In addition, ModSquad, a social media outsourcing firm, seeks remote social media moderators from all over the world. ModSquad pays by the chat and offers flexible scheduling.


Live chat customer service jobs have several advantages. For one, they can help companies save time and money. They can respond to customers in less time than it would take to respond to an email or call. Also, they can improve the bottom line of a company by tying customer conversations to sales figures and other metrics.

Live chat can also increase the productivity of customer service representatives. This is important since the live chat feature enables businesses to build profiles about their customers. This helps them to target them more accurately, for example, by their location. With this information, they can decide whether to offer different shipping methods or store locations. Moreover, they can use this database to re-engage old customers.

Successful live chat customer service representatives need to be able to multi-task, be comfortable with computers and be fast at typing. Aside from that, they must be able to read customers’ needs and gauge situations. Besides, they should be organized and keep their resources in order.


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