Live Chat Jobs at Missguided

Missguided Live Chat Jobs

If you are interested in a Career at Missguided, then read this article. It provides an insight into the global profile of the Company, its job cuts and its suppliers’ precarious position. Also, it explains how you can get involved in the Live Chat service at Missguided.

Jobs at Missguided

If you want to work in the fashion industry, Missguided is a great choice. The fast-fashion retail giant has a reputation for quick customer service. Customers can chat with representatives online, or via email. The Live Chat service allows Missguided to respond to customer queries immediately and effectively.

Missguided was founded in 2009 by Nitin Passi. He stepped down from the chief executive role last year, following financial pressures. The company had grown rapidly under the entrepreneur’s leadership, but faced problems with soaring costs and wider inflation. The fashion retailing giant has now been under the control of an investment firm, Teneo.

Company’s global profile

Fashion brand Missguided designs and markets contemporary apparel. The company’s mission is to give women the freedom to express themselves through their style. The company has a large online store with a range of clothing ranging from socks to a sequined wedding dress, with most of its items priced between $30 and $100. In March, the company had a 50% off sale that caused the website to crash.

The fast-growing online retailer has a large customer base in more than 160 countries. Founded by Nitin Passi, the company specializes in rapid fashion and delivers affordable items before trends take off. Its broad product line and editorial-style web format imagery have helped it establish a global profile, with more than 4.8 million followers on social media.

Job cuts

The fast fashion company Missguided has cut jobs at its Manchester branch. The business has been struggling with cost inflation, a weakening of customer demand and disruption to its supply chain. Ultimately, the company decided that it needed to restructure its business in order to align costs. Last month, it briefed staff about the proposed restructure and launched a 45-day consultation period. As a result, it expects to shed a number of roles in the coming weeks.

The announcement was a shock to Missguided employees. Two separate conference calls were held simultaneously: one for staff who were able to keep their jobs and one for those who were laid off. Staff were automatically muted on the first conference call and informed via a pre-recorded message. However, some staff members were only able to learn of the job cuts through colleagues and through social media.

Its suppliers at risk of going under

If Missguided fails to make a profit, it will affect its suppliers. Three suppliers told Yahoo! Finance that they are at risk of going under. The company has been struggling to turn a profit for several years. As a result, it is looking to find new investments to keep running its business.

The company has recently been hit by a series of negative headlines. The company has been forced to cut 63 jobs and appoint an administrator to investigate strategic options. The business has also been hit by cost inflation and weakened customer demand, which is forcing a restructure. The company also suffers from competition from Chinese retailers who have undercut its prices.

Suppliers of the company are preparing for a rough time. After a winding-up petition was issued by the company’s suppliers, Missguided has been forced to bring in administrators to try and save the company. This will prevent the company from closing while insolvency specialists work to sell it to a buyer. During this time, more than 80 employees have been made redundant. Many of them found out about their job losses in an automated message. This is similar to the mass sackings that occurred at P&O, which was also a supplier.

Its Facebook Live Chat support

In the last few years, Missguided has gone global. Today, the brand sells to over 180 countries and boasts a loyal fanbase of nine million. It has also secured numerous wholesale deals with established brands and franchise stores across the globe. A recent Guardian report highlighted issues regarding Missguided’s payment practices in the UK. One factory owner in Leicester, for example, claimed to owe the company more than PS2 million. This resulted in the company being forced to lay off 90 of its employees.


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