Live Chat Jobs London

Live Chat Jobs London

If you are interested in working for an online business as a customer support agent, you’ve come to the right place. Customer service agents handle live chat messages for businesses and social media accounts. They get full training to perform their job successfully, and can set their own hours. However, it is important to note that these positions require a minimum of 10 hours of work per week.

Customer Service Agent

Customer Service Agents handle incoming sales and customer support questions. They typically answer questions about shipping rates, return policies, discounts, and what kinds of items are in stock. These jobs require full training and flexibility with hours. They should work at least 10 hours a week. Some companies also have a preference for those who are based in the United States.

Customer Service Agent job description

A Customer Service Agent is a person who takes inbound calls from customers and resolves the problems they encounter. They respond to complaints, solve technical problems, answer billing inquiries, and more. In addition to resolving customer issues, they also make product and service recommendations, keep records of customer information, and complete reports and call notes. They also collaborate with other team members to provide high quality service to their customers.

A Customer Service Agent must possess excellent communication skills and be self-motivated. They must also be adept at prioritizing and managing their workload. In addition, it is preferable for applicants to have a college degree in a related field. The job description also stresses that the Customer Service Agent must be able to maintain an unbeatable standard of customer satisfaction while ensuring exceptional service standards are met. Customer service agents must be able to develop a personal relationship with clients. Moreover, they must have strong problem-solving and listening skills.

The Customer Service Agent job description should also include information on the industry the candidate will be working in. This job description should highlight the uniqueness of the company’s culture and working environment. Detailed job descriptions will help employers find candidates who are most qualified for the position.


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