Live Chat Work From Home Jobs

Live Chat Work From Home Jobs

Live chat work from home jobs can be very lucrative – and they don’t even require a college degree! Whether you can type at least 35 words per minute or speak native English, you can easily find work from home jobs that are right for you! Read on to learn more. Live chat work from home jobs often don’t pay benefits, but they’re worth checking out if you have time on your hands.

Online chat jobs don’t pay benefits

Most online chat jobs do not offer benefits, but they can be lucrative. Some clients require college degrees. While not required, an appropriate degree establishes credibility with customers. For example, if you are seeking an online chat job in computer support, you may be required to have a degree in computer science. However, most companies will only require high school diploma or GED equivalents and a proven track record of customer service.

Some online chat representatives earn a per-hour wage and do not receive benefits. However, they have flexibility in their schedules, often working part-time or even full-time. Online chat representative hours vary, with part-time workers working 10 to 20 hours per week and full-time employees working 35 to 40 hours a week. Hours may vary, depending on the workload and availability of customer support representatives. While some companies pay their employees a flat rate, others may require candidates to work more or less than the standard schedule.

They don’t require a college degree

Online chat jobs are becoming more popular, and while they don’t require a college degree, you still need to have a high school diploma or GED to be considered for a job. Some of these companies even allow you to work from home right away, although they may require you to attend training sessions. However, many of these companies do require a minimum amount of two years’ experience in customer service.

While many clients prefer that you have a college degree in a relevant field, some are just looking for excellent customer service skills. For example, if you’re good with computers, you may want to have a degree in computer science or related fields. Other companies don’t require a college degree, but prefer that you have prior customer service experience and can write well. Despite this, you can earn more if you have experience in customer service.

They don’t require native-level English proficiency

For an online live chat job that does not require native-level English proficiency, you can choose from a number of companies. Although you’re not required to be a native speaker, it is a plus to have a good accent or good credentials. These companies offer great opportunities for people with a variety of skills. Here are some of the companies looking for agents. Here’s what you should know about them.

They don’t require a typing speed of 35 words per minute

If you are interested in working at home, you may be wondering if a typing speed of 35 words per minute is a prerequisite for a live chat job. This is not entirely true, although a high-speed computer with a fast upload and download speed is an advantage. Besides that, live chat jobs don’t usually require college degrees. Some companies may even require you to have a high-speed internet connection.


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