Online Live Chat Support Jobs

Online Live Chat Support Jobs

Whether you are an individual looking to make a little extra money, or you are a small business looking for a better way to serve your clients, online live chat support jobs are available for you. With a little research, you can find the perfect position to fit your needs.

Facebook Live Chat Assistant

Become a Facebook Live Chat Assistant. Facebook is the number one social network in the world and more than 1.5 billion people use it every day. With Facebook Live Chat, businesses can provide live chat support to their customers. It’s a convenient alternative to website chat.

The job requires a computer and an Internet connection. You will also need a phone or tablet for chatting with customers. You will also be trained on how to answer questions. You will get paid for the work you do.

You will be a part of a team that helps businesses maintain the quality of their customer service. You will receive training and support from Facebook’s customer service team. They are available around the clock. You will also be able to monitor the messages that Facebook support sends to you. You will be able to respond to inquiries and requests in an instant.


Currently, Sutherland is known for hiring home-based workers. This is great news for military spouses. All residents of the contiguous United States can apply for these jobs. The company offers competitive compensation packages, including over-time and incentives.

Sutherland is also known for the quality of its training. In addition to the mandatory classroom training, employees are offered paid training courses. The company also offers paid vacation, sick days, and discounts on its products. Those who are interested in learning more about Sutherland can check out the Sutherland Careers page to see what types of opportunities are available.


Using an Upwork live chat service to locate and hire a suitable candidate can be a fun and informative experience. It’s a great way to make sure you hire someone that has your best interests in mind. The best thing is you can have as much or as little access to your prospective hire as you want. This enables you to be more selective about the type of person you want on your team. This is particularly beneficial if you have a family member or other evaluator in tow.

Presto Experts

Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time online live chat support job, you can find a variety of options. Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing websites, and can be a good place to search for available jobs. You can set your own schedule and work for a variety of clients, and earn a small commission for completed sales.

Amazon sometimes hires chat support representatives during the busy holiday shopping season. This can be a permanent position if you perform well. The job requires a few basic customer service skills, and the ability to problem-solve.


Founded by three college friends, Weebly helps entrepreneurs build websites. Its incredibly easy-to-use interface lets you create a high-quality website without ever writing code. Weebly offers several features that allow you to easily add and edit content, such as videos, text boxes, and spacers.

Weebly offers a free trial period. You’ll be able to test out its features and see how well they work for your website. You’ll also have access to the Weebly Support Center, where you can learn more about their site building tools. You can also find step-by-step guides to help you create a professional website.


Currently there are online live chat support jobs available through OutPLEX. OutPLEX is an international award-winning teleservices company. They provide a variety of services such as chat, phone, and email support. They have been in business for almost two decades. The company prides itself on being a global family. They have a number of online services, and they work with many renowned brands.

OutPLEX offers a number of benefits to its employees. For example, you can earn tuition reimbursements and paid vacations. They also offer work-at-home call agent jobs. You can also pick your own hours and you can work part-time or full-time.


Whether you are a stay at home mom or just looking for a job to fill your weekends, online live chat support jobs can offer you flexibility and a lot of potential. But, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you need to be flexible enough to work a variety of hours. You may be asked to work weekends or even full-time.

It is important to have a strong typing speed. The average typing speed is about 35-40 words per minute. However, some companies require higher typing speeds. Also, you should have good grammar and proper spelling.


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