Vodafone Live Chat Jobs

Vodafone Live Chat Jobs

Are you interested in working for Vodafone? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Vodafone is looking for energetic individuals with a passion for helping customers get the most out of technology. The company offers both full-time and flexible schedule positions, as well as 100% remote work opportunities. The best part is, you can choose the working schedule that best fits your life style.

Facebook Live Chat Assistants

Vodafone has created a live chat assistant called TOBi, which is short for “to be intelligent” – to be backwards. Launched on April 25, TOBi can handle customer concerns and route messages to a human agent team. The chatbot understands more than 100 intents and can help customers with a range of problems and concerns. It can answer questions, send files, and even send videos or photos. Using IBM AI technology, TOBi can automatically respond to customer requests, and expands its knowledge base with each conversation.

Vodafone also aims to use Workplace as a means to communicate with employees. It aims to build a sense of community and engagement among its global workforce. Through its Facebook and Workplace pages, the company can communicate with employees through a mixture of physical and virtual environments. It is also collaborating with organizations that connect schools and hospitals to the community.

Facebook Live Chat Assistants are in high demand worldwide

Facebook has been testing live chat support for locked accounts. The program will focus on helping users who are violating community standards or have engaged in unusual activity. It also plans to improve comment moderation with keyword blocking and moderation assistance that auto-hide comments. In addition, the program will make it easier for users to block new accounts as well as see hidden comments.

Background checks for Facebook Live Chat Assistants

Vodafone Australia is introducing new chatbots and voice assistants for customers. The company is partnering with Google Cloud and Genesys to improve its contact center tech. The new technology will augment TOBi, its AI assistant, and improve natural language processing and interactive voice response. The team will also provide new employees with homeworking kits to help them work from home.

Salary for Facebook Live Chat Assistants

The average salary for Vodafone Idea Online Chat Representatives is 3.1 lakhs per year. This salary ranges from 2.4 lakhs to 3.6 lakhs depending on your level of experience. Salary information comes from four employees who are either new or have had a few years’ experience.

Vodafone’s pay scale is comparable to other companies in the telecom industry. While its executive rewards aren’t as generous as the salaries of US telco executives, they are still quite impressive. It’s also a far cry from the salaries paid to Verizon and AT&T executives, who received outrageous payouts and promotions. Yet, the company continues to cull its workforce in key markets and regions. As of the 2016 fiscal year, Vodafone employed 111,556 employees, but expects to cut that number to 95,219 by 2020.

Working for Vodafone

Working for Vodafone Live Chat means providing customers with excellent customer service and an improved employee experience. This company has achieved this goal through the development of a single digital foundation built on SAP S/4HANA. This software is now being deployed across mission-critical areas and has significantly improved the way the company runs. By employing SAP S/4HANA, the Vodafone Group is able to deliver a better customer experience and run its global enterprise with greater confidence.

To make customer service easier, Vodafone has developed a dedicated system to help live chat agents answer customers’ questions. This system is designed to make the customer experience as smooth as possible, and employees will be able to answer customers’ questions in a personalized manner.


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